Monthly Archives: November 2013

Socratic Conversation: The Changing Face of Time

Tuesday November 19, 5pm to 7pm

Boston University’s School of Theology Building, room 625

Socratic Conversations bring together scholars and researchers from diverse fields in the Boston academic community to discuss topics of common interest whose scope necessarily crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries.

On Tuesday, November 19, Boston University PhD Candidate, Mark Simes, will present selections of his dissertation research, “Tempora Mutantur: An examination of time in physics, biology and human mental experience”.  

As an advanced PhD candidate in Boston University’s University Professors Program, Mark Simes has been designing a unique and multifaceted research program at the nexus of social neuroscience, history and philosophy of science and social theory/cultural anthropology.  

The work that will be presented is a transdisciplinary analysis of time – both the concept in physics, biology and philosophy and the phenomenon in life and culture – with the ultimate goal of deepening our understanding of the empirical manifestation of time in human mental processes.